Read the conditions before you meet up for an unforgettable day by Moen Islændercenter  

Expect that it takes some time before and after the ride, so be sure to have plenty of time.

​We have a weight and height limit for the sake of the horses. The limit is 95 kg. and 2 meters high.​

When you book a trip, we put a note in the calender as it is reserved for you, so if you decide not to come and ride, please remember to cancel you booking, so others can enjoy the trip.

We will not require a deposit, if you don´t have a Danish bank account, due to fees for the transfer.

​You should expect to book a trip one or two weeks before you want to ride, especially in the summer months, like the weekends can be fully book months ahead.

Children must be 12 years of age, or have several years af riding experience, and have ridden in the nature, before they can join the rides.

unfortunately we have had, bad experience with parents who lie their kids older than they are, to get them on a tour.

So to avoid kids getting scared of the horse on the trip, we say no to ride with children who are clearly not old enough or very nervous, even if it means that the whole group cancels the ride. In this situation we will charge full payment for the work we have done and the booked tour that has been made for the individual child or the whole group.

For those kids who love horses but can´t ride, you can book a trek. Parents must walk and lead the horse, undless another agreement is made when you book.

Trekking tours cost 150 DKK for ½ hour, pr. horse.     

​Best regards

​Karl og Lizza

Ready to join in on a          magical trail on horsback?

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Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt


Dorthe Jakobsen

"Fantastisk sted med de skønneste islændere. Mulighed for begyndere og øvede og komme ud og se den smukkeste natur ved Møns Klint."


Lene Hall

"Dejligt sted med fantastiske udsigter og meget søde heste. Vi havde en skøn tur ud gennem skoven og langs klinten. Det skal helt sikkert gentages 😊"


Louise Jørgensen

"Fed oplevelse og lidt for hele familien havde 4 børn med derop der aldrig havde siddet på en hest de fik en hyggelig træk tur og en dejlig tur ude ved klinten til de voksne"

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