To the experienced rider​

​These horses require a little more riding experience

Meltan (probably means digestion) 21 years:

He needs support in the tölt. He has large soft movements. He shoots a good speed, but it does not feel that way, because his movements are so soft. he needs to be supported slightly but he is nice and and soft in all gaits.

ðar (means Odin´s son) 12 years:

Our radio car who always tries to go his own ways (Of road) He is a super cool horse with lots of tölt, big trot and calm gallop. he likes to snack all the forest if he's allowed. He is small and agile so the rider must be small

Geysir (means geyser) 15 years:

He is a long-legged tall boy, with a nice trot, good tölt but he needs support from the seat, thighs and a little on the reins to be able to hold the tölt, otherwise he evades all he can. Has a soft and comfortable gallop. he is sensitive on the reins and easy to control from the seat.

Rosa (means rose ) ​15 years:

She has lots of trot and has not learned the tölt completely yet. She likes to snack all the forest, she is sensitive on the reins and rides best from the seat, she shoots a fresh gallop.

Ørn (means eagle) 10 years:

He is a very gentle and sweet horse, he trots and passes fine. we are in the process of finding the tölt so he can hold it a little longer. he has a good gallop.

Freyja (means goddess) 10 years:

She is a beautiful brave mare with a lot of will and power. She is a natural tölter and has very soft gaits, She is busy and is difficult to brake especially when she has a different opinion She has a fresh gallop but loses her breath up the hill.

Thor (means the god Thor) 9 years:

​He is handsome and lovely but very sensitive, to the rider and his surroundings. If he goes in the pack of the group he is rarely spooked, but if he goes in front, the world is dangerous.

He shoots a fresh gallop, likes tölt but occasionally mixes it all up.

​He is a small horse so he is for the small rider.

Venus (means joyful star) 10 years: ​

​She is a smart lady with no patience, if we have to stand still on the trip, there will often be a little jump or two.

​She prefers to go up in the front. She has a lot of tölt. Half parades must be made as she is also sensitive on the reins.

​She shoots a fresh gallop and loses her breath on the hill.

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Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt


Dorthe Jakobsen

"Fantastisk sted med de skønneste islændere. Mulighed for begyndere og øvede og komme ud og se den smukkeste natur ved Møns Klint."


Lene Hall

"Dejligt sted med fantastiske udsigter og meget søde heste. Vi havde en skøn tur ud gennem skoven og langs klinten. Det skal helt sikkert gentages 😊"


Louise Jørgensen

"Fed oplevelse og lidt for hele familien havde 4 børn med derop der aldrig havde siddet på en hest de fik en hyggelig træk tur og en dejlig tur ude ved klinten til de voksne"

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