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​our calm horses

​Lucas (saint name) 20 years:

His tölt is fine at every pace. He breathes and moans loudly and he take advantage of the rider’s uncertainty, to slow down. He is food-loving and "skipping any of cut corners."

He is sensitive to the shenkles and requires a calm rider who does not shake with nervousness as he can become a little unsure if there is anything to be afraid of. 

He is a happy and pleasant horse

Fengur ( means the immortal) 22 years:

He tölts most of the trip and likes to take a small gallop, with the one leg when it goes too fast, in tölt or when it goes uphill. He is very fond of food and likes to snack on everything green in the forest. He is very stable for both the experienced and the beginner.

Sleipnir (Odin´s horse) 15 years:

He is a big gray darling with a lot of tölt and pas, he is the father of 6 but was neutered because he became too lonely in his stallion life. He is a calm guy who likes to snack the green forest and if he walks in the back of the group, it goes very slowly until we are on our way home and the ears comes forward and he sneaks up in the group.

Sölvi (king of the sea) 27 years:

A big black-brown teddy bear, he is a natural tölter always fresh and happy, he makes funny noises throughout the trip, he always does his best and follows right in the tail of the horse in front, he is very stable and has carried on people with all kinds of problems. Rider's Max weight 70 kg.

​Táta (means beautiful doll) 15 years:

She is a ginger and chubby mare with good tölt and trot, she can easily mix the gears especially when she gets tired. If she have a beginner on her back, she is very sweet and careful but if she gets permission from an experienced rider, she has a fresh gallop and good speed. Often enjoys herself, in the tail of another mare.  She is super sweet and trusting.

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Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt


Dorthe Jakobsen

"Fantastisk sted med de skønneste islændere. Mulighed for begyndere og øvede og komme ud og se den smukkeste natur ved Møns Klint."


Lene Hall

"Dejligt sted med fantastiske udsigter og meget søde heste. Vi havde en skøn tur ud gennem skoven og langs klinten. Det skal helt sikkert gentages 😊"


Louise Jørgensen

"Fed oplevelse og lidt for hele familien havde 4 børn med derop der aldrig havde siddet på en hest de fik en hyggelig træk tur og en dejlig tur ude ved klinten til de voksne"

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